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Arubatham Kuruvai Rice / Red Rice - Organic

Arubatham Kuruvai Rice / Red Rice - Organic

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The name of the prominent traditional rice variety Arubatham Kuruvai comes from the fact that it can be grown in just 60 days. It is a type of red rice that is flavourful when cooked. Arubatham Kuruvai is grown by Sudhantira farmers utilising organic, chemical-free farming practices. It is a wholesome rice variety that is highly nutritious and helps in overall health and wellness. 

Arubatham Kuruvai Health Benefits

  • Arubatham Kuruvai rice has the ability to protect heart health
  • Continuous consumption boosts the body's natural processes of growth and repair.
  • Increases the efficiency of digestion. It reinforces the immune system and strengthens bones
  • Arubatham Kuruvai rice prevents the onset of diabetes

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