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Why is Cold Pressed Oil Costly?

Understanding the Value of Cold-Pressed Oil

Imagine walking into a jewellery shop and asking why is gold costly. We usually don't! It is understood that there's a market value assigned to the metal and the craftsmanship. When it comes to the benefits of cold-pressed oil, many of us don't understand that it's, in a way, liquid gold, integral to one of the most invaluable things in life - OUR HEALTH!

If you have been considering switching to cold-pressed oil but find it expensive, then read on to understand why it's worth investing in your health. Let's first understand what cold-pressed oil means and how it's extracted.

Why is Coldpressed Oil Costly? Understanding the price of Coldpressed Oil

The Extraction Process

Extraction of oil from its source ingredients can be done in several ways. When it comes to cold-pressed oil, the oil is extracted from raw ingredients like coconut, groundnut or sesame seeds in a chemical-free, low-pressure environment. The raw materials are dried naturally and crushed in a traditional chekku or ghani. The low-pressure environment ensures the generation of less heat, thereby keeping the authentic nutritious value, taste, and aroma of the oil intact.

In refined oils, bleaching agents are usually used to make them odorless and colorless. However, cold-pressed oils are packaged without any chemical treatment or further processing, and that, my friend, makes all the difference!

Factors Impacting Cold-pressed Oil Price

Quantity of Oil Produced

Cold-pressed oils are extracted without applying high pressure or heat. Hence, the quantity of oil extracted from raw materials is less by almost 30% – 60% oil output per kilogram of seed as compared to refined oils. This significantly increases the production cost of cold-pressed oils, therefore, making the product cost high.

Shelf Life of the Product

Refined oils are mass-produced with the aim of achieving a longer shelf life. Hence, chemical solvents are used to make the final product odourless and colourless. This decreases the selling price from a commercial perspective. However, the slightly expensive cold-pressed oils with shorter shelf-life guarantee you a healthier alternative with natural goodness, fragrance, and taste.

Quality of Raw Materials

The intense neutralisation of taste, color, and fragrance of refined oil makes it possible for manufacturers to compromise on the quality of seeds. Since cold-pressed oils are as minimally treated as possible, only high-quality seeds can be used to give the oil its unique characteristics.

Viscosity of Oil

Cold-pressed oils are highly viscous since they are manually filtered without extensive chemical processing. This contributes to the increased cost of the oil but in turn also enhances its taste and ensures less quantity of oil is used to prepare a similar dish when compared to refined oil.

Why Choose Cold Pressed Oils?

Cold pressed oils retain omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants which are good for maintaining the health of patients with chronic diseases. With a lower level of bad cholesterol, the health benefits of cold-pressed oils make them a healthy choice to address cardiovascular and diabetic concerns.

The increasing popularity of cold-pressed oils is proof that people are slowly reconnecting with a traditional sustainable way of living. Choosing cold-pressed oils means choosing good health!

The human body isn't meant to consume chemically processed food. Yet rarely do we pause to think about what we consciously choose to allow on our plates. While refined oils may seem like a cheaper option, the unparalleled benefits of cold-pressed oils are an easy pass to a healthy lifestyle choice! Are you ready to take it?

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In conclusion, the costliness of cold-pressed oil is not just a matter of arbitrary pricing. It is a reflection of the superior quality and health benefits it offers. By choosing cold-pressed oils, you are investing in your well-being, ensuring that the food you consume is as natural and nutritious as possible. So, next time you reach for that bottle of oil, remember that the extra cost is a small price to pay for the liquid gold that is cold-pressed oil.


1. Is cold-pressed oil healthier than refined oil?

Yes, cold-pressed oil retains more nutrients and is a healthier option compared to refined oil.

2. Can I use cold-pressed oil for all types of cooking?

Yes, cold-pressed oil can be used for various cooking methods, including frying, sautéing, and as a salad dressing.

3. Are cold-pressed oils suitable for people with heart conditions?

Cold-pressed oils are beneficial for heart health due to their lower levels of bad cholesterol.

4. Do cold-pressed oils have a longer shelf life than refined oils?

No, cold-pressed oils have a shorter shelf life because they are not chemically processed to extend it.

5. Where can I purchase high-quality cold-pressed oils?

You can purchase farm-fresh cold-pressed oils from Sudhantira for a healthy and nutritious choice.

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