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Coconut Oil – Cold Pressed

Coconut Oil – Cold Pressed

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Packed with the freshness of the lush green farms of Tamilnadu, Sudhantira coconut oil is a must-have farm-fresh agro product on your shopping list!  Premium quality copras curated from our farms are subject to the cold-press method without heat or added chemicals like sulfur. In its purest form, this unrefined coconut oil without any added preservatives is then bottled and delivered to your doorstep.

Sudhantira’s cold-pressed coconut oil is:

  • A natural replacement for skin softener and helps you get rid of dry and hard skin conditions
  • A natural hydrant that prevents hair fall and adds long-stay lustre to your hair.
  • Immunity boosting agent to help increase good cholesterol effects
  • Natural and aromatic medium-flame cooking oil for delectable dishes filled with numerous health benefit
  • A step closer to a sustainable and traditional way of living
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Sudhantira Promise

Your food is fundamentally safe and produced using modern tools and methods that are continual in nature while farmers as producers get the deserved return.

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