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Groundnut Oil - Cold Pressed

Groundnut Oil - Cold Pressed

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Our traditionally cold-pressed oils (“Chekku Ennai/Kachi Ghani tel”) can be easily identified by their fragrance and texture. At Sudantira Agro Products, cold-pressed groundnut oil is made by crushing/pressing the sun-dried peanuts at low heat without any chemicals. The groundnut is grown by traditional farming methods, hence, retaining all the natural goodness. Sudhantira’s cold-pressed groundnut oil is ideal for deep frying and a healthy alternative to refined oils. Make your crispy appalams, murukku, vadagams and poriyal with Sudhantira’s groundnut oil.

Cold-pressed Groundnut Oil Benefits

  • Rich in plant sterols that promote “Zero” cholesterol absorption for a healthy heart
  • Abundant in omega-3 and omega-6 unsaturated fats that regulate blood pressure.
  • High in inflammation-reducing oleic acid
  • Vitamin E in the oil nourishes skin and hair
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    Sudhantira Promise

    Your food is fundamentally safe and produced using modern tools and methods that are continual in nature while farmers as producers get the deserved return.

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