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Nattu Sarkarai / Unrefined Cane Sugar

Nattu Sarkarai / Unrefined Cane Sugar

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Along with the natural sweetness, Sudhantira brings you the promise of immense benefits that natural cane sugar offers. Unlike refined sugar, natural cane sugar is an agro product not treated with any chemicals. It reaches your kitchens straight from the farms, stopping only at our packaging plants to seal the farm freshness. With this fresh-farm product, you will never feel guilty about adding that extra spoonful to your tea or dessert.

  • Packed with nutrients such as fibre, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals
  • Provides an instant energy boost
  • Natural sugar is digested slower and helps you feel full for longer
  • Keeps your metabolism stable.
  • Helps avoid health issues such as obesity and diabetes

We assure the authenticity and quality of products sold on Sudhantira . If you (still!) find any problem with any of our products, we promise to resolve it.

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