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Poongar Rice / Red Rice

Poongar Rice / Red Rice

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Poongar rice is a special gluten-free unpolished rice popular in Tamilnadu. This nutrient-loaded rice is given to pregnant women and lactating mothers as it gives them the required strength and immunity. Cultivated through sustainable agro methods by our farmers, these hand-pounded traditional rice varieties have more minerals than other rice varieties. Soak the rice and grind it into flour for making dosa, rice noodles (idiyappam), kozhukattai (dumpling) and other steamed items.

Poongar Rice Benefits

  • Excellent alternative cure for hormonal problems in women aiding menstrual health/reproductive health
  • Promotes milk secretion in lactating mothers
  • Contains antioxidants that slow ageing
  • Increased fibre content helps to reduce the risk of cholesterol
  • Great for nerves and heart health
  • Good alternative cure for hormonal problems in women
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