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Rathasali Rice / Red Rice - Organic

Rathasali Rice / Red Rice - Organic

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    Rathasali/Rakthasali, the rarest red rice variety with high medicinal value is widely mentioned in ancient texts of Ayurveda as having properties potent enough to cure many ailments. Besides being a functional food for promoting lactation, Rathasali has acknowledged therapeutic value in the treatments of allergies & skin ailments, uterus-related problems, gastrointestinal problems, liver, kidney, and nerve disorders.

Rathasali Health Benefits

  • The Red rice is said to be good in treating ‘Tridoshas’ (namely Vata, Pita and Kapha)
  • The high iron content in the rice contributes tremendously to the health of women including adolescent girls, lactating mothers and pregnant women
  • Soak, ferment, roast or sprout before consumption to derive the full benefits of this rice.

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