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The tangy sweetness of our farm-grown tamarind is reminiscent of our childhood. A perfect addition to sambhar or rice, this natural tamarind is a staple ingredient for a variety of dishes. We ensure our tamarind is hand-pounded with castor oil for longer shelf life. When you use our traditionally processed tamarind, it can add a natural taste to your rasam, puli sadam, tamarind chutney, bendakaya pulusu and vathal kuzhambu.
Sudhantiraโ€™s natural tamarind is:

  • Keeps your nervous system healthy
  • Provides the Iron supplement needed for growth and development
  • Acts as a rich source of haemoglobin
  • Offers benefits against type 2 diabetes and lowers blood pressure
  • Repairs your tissues and cells
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      Sudhantira Promise

      Your food is fundamentally safe and produced using modern tools and methods that are continual in nature while farmers as producers get the deserved return.

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