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White Sorghum / Cholam / Jowar

White Sorghum / Cholam / Jowar

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Naturally a highly beneficial cereal, Sorghum millets are a perfect substitute for rice. The benefits multiply when you are a health-conscious family. Experts suggest that naturally grown millets should be a part of your daily diet as they are nutritious, non-glutinous and non-acid-forming foods, making them easy to digest. Order our farm fresh sorghum and treat yourself with delicious Sorghum dosa or paniyarams!

When you make Sudhantira’s sustainable agro millets a daily dietary friend, you get:

  • Its non-glutinous nature is highly beneficial in managing diabetes
  • A digestion regulating agent because of the presence of high dietary fibres
  • High source of Vitamin B which improves immunity and enhances nerve functions
  • A high energy grain rich in protein forms the building blocks of muscle development
  • Polyphenols and tannins that prevent Cancer due to their anti-carcinogenic and anti-mutagenic properties

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