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Thooya Malli Rice - Organic

Thooya Malli Rice - Organic

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Named after the fresh jasmine flowers, our farmers harvest this fragrant white rice with love. At Sudhantira, we combine native farming techniques with modern equipment to deliver quality Thooyamalli rice to your doorstep with its natural richness intact. 

Prepare mouth-watering biryani, authentic South Indian idly, dosa and rice varieties like sambar, lemon and tamarind rice with our traditional Thooyamalli rice.   

Thooyamalli Rice Benefits

  • Anti-ageing property that gives glowing, wrinkle-free skin
  • Strengthens the nervous and immune system
  • A healthy addition to diabetic diet
  • Aids healthy digestion for sustained weight loss
  • High protein and calcium content contribute to internal organ health

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